Merillot Selected for Strategy Consulting by Luxury Watch Brand

LONDON, United Kingdom – April 13th, 2022

Merillot, a global consulting firm, has been engaged by a luxury watch brand to deliver business and product strategy for the second phase of their global development.

The company will be responsible for leading the business and product strategy for the launch of new, next generation retail stores in key markets. The consultant has also been engaged to assist with the planning and execution of a global, multi-channel marketing campaign.

“Prior experience in luxury goods makes us the ideal choice for this engagement.” commented a spokesperson for Merillot in London. “The deep expertise in product lifecycle management, including design, sourcing and manufacture, provides some excellent results for clients.”

The engagement will see Merillot work directly with the senior leadership team of the brand and its founders to establish a new commercial framework and product strategy, which will be delivered with a view to growing the brand in the US, UK, Italy and Germany.

For consumer goods businesses, Merillot delivers a range of services, including strategy consulting, sales planning and product lifecycle management.

Additional information on Merillot Customer Lab™, and other Merillot Labs™ frameworks is available at

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