Strategy is increasingly critical to business success. Merillot offer refined, innovative solutions that help business leaders to develop, implement and execute strategies that drive results. We bring a wealth of industry expertise, market knowledge and extensive capabilities to our clients. Our flexible, pragmatic approach allows our clients to extend the lead on their competitors. With a global capability, we engage with clients on strategy consulting around the world.



A global management consultancy, working with today and tomorrow’s industry leaders to develop strategy.

Today’s corporate world is challenging and unpredictable. Changing technologies, emerging markets and globalisation stand in the way of traditional approaches to strategy. An exceptional corporate strategy is the sum of a number of components. Our experience and knowledge allows us to fully evaluate relevant internal and external factors, developing a clear and pragmatic strategy. Strategy is not a once-off exercise. Instead, it demands consistent evaluation and modification as market factors change.


Merillot helps clients rethink their strategy to enter markets, merge, acquire and accelerate growth.

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Data Driven

Data driven insights allow us to unlock key findings that drive strategic decision making. Our data draws on global best-practices, real-world experience, and proven strategic approaches.

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Bold & Decisive

Strategy needs to be bold, decisive and clear. We help clients to develop appropriate strategies, then confidently execute those strategies across the organisation.

“Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs; it’s about deliberately choosing to be different.”
Michael Porter

A global management consulting company, with experience in strategy development and strategy implementation.

Helping our clients to develop clear, effective strategy is what we do. Whether corporate or business level strategy, strategy development or implementation and execution, Merillot can assist.