With the customer as the centerpiece of revenue generation, a strong sales and marketing strategy is essential for any business. Merillot’s sales and marketing consulting services offer a structured, data-driven approach to help our clients understand customer expectations, segment markets, and drive sales. With a highly capable team and extensive network of partners, we bring deep market knowledge and expertise to clients globally.


A boutique management consultancy, working with today and tomorrow’s industry leaders with sales and marketing consulting.

Today’s revenue generation activities require a modern approach. Buyers are becoming more informed, and markets are becoming more global. To deliver high levels of performance in sales & marketing functions, Merillot work with leaders of today and tomorrow to get the most of out people and process. Our experience and knowledge allows us to help our clients to design the right sales process, find and develop the right sales people, and run effective marketing campaigns. Far from a once-off, Merillot engage with clients to continually evaluate and adjust the approach as the sales organisation develops.


Merillot’s sales and marketing consulting services help clients to achieve improved revenue growth, through tailored strategies, effective implementation and ongoing evaluation and refinement.

Sales Enablement

Our experience across industries allows us to design and implement sales frameworks and processes that accelerate sales teams. We draw on sales best practices, industry experience, and proven sales strategies to develop customized solutions for each client.

Brand Strategy

We help our clients develop and implement clear and effective brand strategies that align with their business goals and connect with their target audience, enabling them to confidently engage in their markets.

I have never worked a day in my life without selling. If I believe in something, I sell it, and I sell it hard.
Estée Lauder

Merillot is a global management consulting firm with deep expertise in sales and marketing.

We help clients improve their revenue generation through sales coaching, process design, and turnkey marketing campaigns. With our highly capable team of consultants, global network of partners, and data-driven approach, we bring a comprehensive and tailored solution to every engagement, ensuring our clients’ success.