Execution is an often overlooked but critical piece of successful business. Merillot offer considered and proven solutions in operations consulting that help business leaders to execute on strategy. We bring a clear and practical approach to execution, regardless of the industry. This allows our clients to benefit through the rapid implementation of strategic plans, and the forthright approach to tactical execution. With a global reach, we can deliver on our clients operational execution needs around the world.


A boutique management consultancy, working with today and tomorrow’s industry leaders to execute on strategy and deliver operational efficiency through operations consulting.

Even the best of strategies is of no value without execution. Execution provides the link between strategy and operations, and separates truly exceptional leaders from the mediocre. We work with clients to execute strategies, and to drive operational efficiencies within their businesses. Our experience and knowledge allows us to deliver exceptional operations consulting, develop clear tactical implementation plans, delivering pragmatic advice and recommendations. Execution requires maintenance, and Merillot work with clients to monitor execution against plan, fine-tuning along the way.


Merillot helps clients to understand their operating model, implement organisational change, and successfully execute strategy.

Manufacturing In Clean Room


Manufacturing carries with it a number of complexities. We help clients to overcome that complexity, delivering specific operational improvements based on real world expertise and best practice.

Warehouse Shelving

Supply Chain

Modern supply chain management needs to embrace technology. We work with clients to improve supply chain operations through implementation of clear, realistic solutions and measures.

“Most leaders would agree that they’d be better off having an average strategy with superb execution than a superb strategy with poor execution.”
Stephen Covey

A global management consulting company, with a clear capability in operational management and execution through expert operations consulting.

Helping our clients to improve operational performance is what we do. From manufacturing through to logistics and supply chain management, Merillot can assist.