The success of modern businesses depends greatly on their people, culture, and organizational design. At Merillot, we offer expert consulting services to business leaders and executives seeking to drive organizational change. Our experience and capabilities enable us to help our clients transform their organizations in a way that is flexible and tailored to their unique needs. With a global reach, we engage with clients worldwide on strategy consulting, delivering impactful results that drive growth and success.


A global management consultancy, working with today and tomorrow’s industry leaders to gain the most from people & culture consulting.

As modern organizations become increasingly complex, people and culture play a critical role in their success. Merillot is a global management consultancy that works with today and tomorrow’s industry leaders to unlock the full potential of their people and culture through people & culture consulting. We understand that globalisation and changing work structures impact people and culture in new and evolving ways. Our experience and knowledge enable us to partner with our clients in designing the right structure, work tasks, and culture to drive success. Our approach is not a one-time solution, but rather an ongoing engagement to continually evaluate and adjust as the organization evolves.


Merillot partners with clients to drive successful organizational change through effective cultural management, talent acquisition and development, organizational design, and zero-based structural design.

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Organisational Structure

Structure impacts the ability of organisations to deliver results. Merillot helps clients to evaluate, refine and implement organisational structures that align with business strategy, delivering clear positive results.

Organisational Culture

Developing and maintaining consistent and favourable organisational culture is critical to modern business. Merillot help to define the culture, and to bring staff on a journey to align organisational culture.

“It’s about getting the best people, retaining them, nurturing a creative environment & helping to find a way to innovate.”

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Merillot is a global management consulting company with extensive experience in organisational and cultural change implementation through people & culture consulting.

We work with our clients to define and implement effective organisational structures and cultures that align with their business strategy. Whether it’s cultural change, recruitment and selection, organisational design, or zero-based structural design, Merillot helps our clients navigate the complex web of people and culture to drive transformation and success.