Merillot Labs™ provides proprietary frameworks that help our clients to achieve business, organisational and personal goals. Merillot offer Labs frameworks that deliver pricing, strategy, marketing, customer and organisational insights. The capability of Merillot Labs™ to deliver a unique approach to client challenges allows those clients to lead industries, expand markets and grow profitability.


Delivering considered, clear and objective strategy to clients globally.

Strategy in modern business is critical. Today’s corporate world demands a solid, strategic approach to global markets, product, and buyer behaviour. Merillot Strategy Lab™ helps clients to evaluate relevant internal and external factors, allowing them to develop a clear and pragmatic strategy.

strategic game theory
retail market


Delivering pragmatic and well developed pricing strategy across a variety of markets.

Pricing can be difficult in todays global business. Competitive environments demand a consistent, well considered approach to pricing, considering both market economics and structural cost considerations. Merillot Price Lab™ helps clients to develop comprehensive pricing strategies in a variety of markets, in many channels models.


Understanding customer preferences and defining market verticals and customer interactions.

Customers are critical to success. Merillot Customer Lab™ helps clients to understand their customer base, define manageable customer groups and market verticals. Customer insights developed using the Merillot Customer Lab™ form a core element of other Merillot frameworks, such as Merillot Price Lab™ and Merillot Strategy Lab™.

time square marketing strategy


Establishing a broad market understanding and developing marketing strategies for key market verticals.

Merillot Marketing Lab™ helps clients to develop an in depth understanding of their various markets, and to define clear, pragmatic marketing strategies that address them clearly and appropriately. Other Merillot Labs™ can provide both input to and take output from the Merillot Marketing Lab™ framework.


Analysing and designing work tasks to ensure the most efficient and effective allocation of work tasks into roles.

A clear understanding of job structure is key to efficient operations. The Merillot Job Lab™ helps clients understand the work tasks undertaken to add value and deliver products. The job analysis and job design framework of Merillot Job Lab™ enables those clients to develop clear role descriptions and organisational structures.

worker performing electronics job tasks
sales person explaining product to prospect


Developing an effective sales team, improving sales processes and customer relationships.

Merillot Sales Lab™ helps clients to improve the performance of business to business or business to consumer sales teams, and to refine or develop sales processes that improve revenue. Other Merillot Labs™ can provide both input to and take output from the Merillot Sales Lab™ framework.


Pragmatic and unique frameworks, delivering real value for Merillot clients.