Strategy is the cornerstone of business success, and at Merillot, we specialize in delivering refined, innovative solutions that help business leaders develop, implement, and execute strategies that drive results.

  • Data Driven – Our recommendations are based on real information and insights.
  • Results Orientated – We focus on outcomes and measurable results for our clients.
  • Bold and Decisive – We provide clear and articulable strategic decision-making.

Merillot helps clients rethink their strategy, whether it’s to enter new markets, merge with another organization, acquire a competitor, or accelerate growth. Our expertise in strategy development and execution enables us to help our clients achieve their business objectives and stay ahead of the competition.

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People & Culture

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, people and culture are more important than ever. At Merillot, we understand the critical role that organizational design and employee engagement play in driving success.

  • Culture – Developing and maintaining consistent organisational culture

  • Structure – Organisational design and implementation

  • Transition – Career transition & right-sizing

Merillot helps clients manage cultural change, recruitment and selection, organizational design, and zero-based structural design to improve performance and drive growth.

Sales & Marketing

In today’s competitive business landscape, understanding and meeting customer expectations is critical to achieving revenue goals. Merillot offers comprehensive sales and marketing solutions to help clients segment markets, drive sales, and develop improved revenue streams.

  • Sales coaching – Developing competencies in clients sales teams

  • Sales frameworks – Design of sales processes and frameworks

  • Full service Marketing – Turnkey marketing campaigns for our clients

Merillot helps clients to develop improved revenue streams by assisting to develop sales and marketing competencies.

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Innovation & Transformation

To stay relevant, profitable and efficient, businesses must embrace change and innovation. Merillot provides refined solutions to help business leaders drive transformation and innovation.

  • Process – Implementing processes that foster innovation

  • Results Orientated – Delivering results that can be commercialised

  • Turnkey R&D – Delivering full research & development capability for clients

Merillot helps clients to transform existing businesses and drive innovation into the future.

Operations & Execution

Effective execution is a key factor in achieving business success, yet it is often overlooked. At Merillot, we understand the critical importance of operations and execution, and offer our clients proven solutions that help them execute on their strategies with precision and efficiency.

  • Manufacturing – Bringing best practices to our clients

  • Supply chain – Driving economically efficient supply chains

  • Service optimisation – Maximising the efficient of services businesses

Merillot helps clients to understand their operating model, implement organisational change, and successfully execute strategy.

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