Strategy is increasingly critical to business success. Merillot offer refined, innovative solutions that help business leaders to develop, implement and execute strategies that drive results.

  • Data Driven – decisions based on real information

  • Results Orientated – Focused on outcomes for our clients

  • Bold and Decisive – Clear and articulable strategic decision making

Merillot helps clients rethink their strategy to enter markets, merge, acquire and accelerate growth.

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People & Culture

People, culture and organisational design are key to success in today’s business environment. Merillot offer expertise that assists business leaders and executives to drive organisational change.

  • Culture – Developing and maintaining consistent organisational culture

  • Structure – Organisational design and implementation

  • Transition – Career transition & right-sizing

Merillot helps clients manage cultural change, recruitment & selection, organisational design and zero-based structural design.

Sales & Marketing

The customer is unarguably central to revenue. Merillot help our clients to understand their customer expectations, segment markets, and drive sales in a structured approach.

  • Sales coaching – Developing competencies in clients sales teams

  • Sales frameworks – Design of sales processes and frameworks

  • Full service Marketing – Turnkey marketing campaigns for our clients

Merillot helps clients to develop improved revenue streams by assisting to develop sales and marketing competencies.

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Innovation & Transformation

Business must change in order to stay relevant, profitable and efficient. Merillot offer refined, solutions that help business leaders to undertake transformation, change and drive innovation.

  • Process – Implementing processes that foster innovation

  • Results Orientated – Delivering results that can be commercialised

  • Turnkey R&D – Delivering full research & development capability for clients

Merillot helps clients to transform existing businesses and drive innovation into the future.

Operations & Execution

Execution is an often overlooked but critical piece of successful business. Merillot offer considered and proven solutions that help business leaders to execute on strategy.

  • Manufacturing – Bringing best practices to our clients

  • Supply chain – Driving economically efficient supply chains

  • Service optimisation – Maximising the efficient of services businesses

Merillot helps clients to understand their operating model, implement organisational change, and successfully execute strategy.

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Building Futures

We are a global management consulting company, helping executives and business leaders to build better organisations.

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