Merillot Submits Comprehensive Review to Inform Australia’s Online Safety Legislation

BRISBANE, Australia – June 28, 2024 – Merillot today announced its submission to the independent review of Australia’s Online Safety Act 2021 (Cth). The submission reflects Merillot’s commitment to safeguarding digital rights and an open internet in balance with online safety measures, and aims to influence pivotal changes in the Act and regulations.

The submission addresses a number of key issues including the effectiveness of existing statutory schemes within the Act, the impact of regulatory actions on human rights, and Australia’s international reputation. Merillot’s analysis provides a critical perspective on the eSafety Commissioner’s operations and the broader implications for rights, governance and trust.

“We are dedicated to shaping a world where digital governance and controls align with democratic values and enables an open dialogue,” said Daniel Rose, Managing Director of Merillot. “Our submission is a testament to our advocacy for transparency, accountability and the protection of individual rights.”

The review, initiated earlier than scheduled, involves a broad range of stakeholders. Merillot’s input highlights the firm’s capability in regulatory impact analysis and cements its position as a leader in shaping technology policy.

Merillot’s submission advocates for legislative adjustments to ensure that Australia’s approach to online safety is robust but respectful of fundamental freedoms. The firm suggests a re-evaluation of the Act to better balance online safety with the principles of a free and open internet.

As Merillot continues to influence policy and strategic outcomes in the digital domain, its leadership remains committed to delivery solutions that respect both individual rights and collective security.

Merillot's submission documents

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