Merillot Releases ‘Merillot Price Lab™’ Framework to Assist Clients

SYDNEY, New South Wales – November 26, 2020 – Merillot, a leading provider of management consulting services, today announced that a it has released the Merillot Price Lab™ framework to assist clients in the establishment of pricing strategy.

“Many clients have struggled with pricing strategy for years,” said a spokesperson for Merillot. “The Merillot Price Lab is a tool that we can use to solve that problem.”

The framework enables the evaluation of pricing input signals, such as price elasticity, product demand, value, market share and revenue plans. It more importantly provides a way for clients to craft distinct, tailored pricing strategies that help deliver success across their multiple markets.

“The Merillot Price Lab framework gives our clients a way to consistently develop pricing strategies using proprietary Merillot knowledge,” commented James Warwick, Engagement Manager at Merillot. “Typically we also engage with customers on the implementation of said strategies.”

Although Merillot can provide the Merillot Price Lab as part of pricing strategy engagements alone, customers often lack a way to execute the strategies as developed. Given the importance, Merillot can also execute the selected pricing strategies, providing the often missing link between strategy and execution.

For global businesses, Merillot delivers a range of services, including marketing and pricing strategy consulting.

Additional information on Merillot Price Lab™, and other Merillot Labs™ frameworks is available at

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