Merillot Improves Client Revenue With ‘Merillot Sales Lab™’ Framework

SYDNEY, New South Wales – November 21, 2021 – Merillot, management consulting company with global reach, has released the Merillot Sales Lab™ framework to assist clients to develop and maintain competent sales teams and related processes.

“Revenue generation is critically important,” commented a spokesperson for Merillot. “Our Merillot Sales Lab allows us to work with clients to improve sales performance in a variety of ways.”

This addition to a number of existing Merillot Labs™ frameworks complements the broader Merillot offering. With a focus on the clear improvement of revenue generating activities, an area often viewed as lacking discipline, the Merillot Sales Lab™ framework allows Merillot to craft consulting interventions with clear benefits to clients.

“Our clients have large sales teams tasked with selling complex products or services,” commented the spokesperson. “The Merillot Sales Lab assists them to get their sales methodology right.”

The framework works within the broader organisation, developing effective sales processes and methdologies that align with corporate strategy. These methdologies are then developed into tactical strategies, suitable for individual sales team members. For select customers, Merillot can also deliver more detailed execution, implementing the developed strategies and ensuring implementation.

For global businesses, Merillot delivers a range of services, including sales consulting, sales planning and sales execution.

Additional information on Merillot Sales Lab™, and other Merillot Labs™ frameworks is available at

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Merillot is a global management consulting company, helping executives and business leaders to build better organisations. With capabilities across strategy, structure and tactics, they are capable of delivering results for companies globally.

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